2018 will be a year of collaborations for Tag Team Studio. During this year, will work together with several other independent art spaces, both local and international.

16.02 – 04.03:
Collaboration with Gallery FISK: solo exhibition with Ingrid Skåland Eriksen

Through a collaboration with the student-run Galleri FISK, work by Ingrid Skåland Eriksen will be exhibited at Tag Team Studio. Skåland Eriksen studies art at KMD in Bergen, and in her solo exhibition she will display work from her master's project, which is still under development. She focuses mainly on material-oriented processes, such as analog photography and textiles, but text is also important in her practice.

20.04 – 06.05:
Collaboration with Harbinger Project Space: duo exhibition with Klara Sofie Ludvigsen and Claudia Hausfeld

Through the project Norden til Bergen, initiated by B-Open, Tag Team Studio connected with the Icelandic gallery Harbinger Project Space. Together, Tag Team and Harbinger selected a Bergen-based and a Reykjavik-based artist who they invited to make a duo show for each venue: Klara-Sofie Ludvigsen and Claudia Hausfeld. Both Ludvigsen and Hausfeld work with analogue photography, both as a technique and as subject matter. The exhibition at Tag Team takes place in April / May. In early June Ludvigsen and Hausfeld will exhibit at Harbinger. The two exhibitions will take different forms, influenced by the developing dialogue between the artists as well as the rooms in which they take place.

12.05 – 01.07:
Collaboration with Entrée and Palmera: Orientering, a group exhibition in public spaces

The three galleries Tag Team, Entrée and Palmera presents the project Orienteering, a joint exhibition with art works and walks in the stretches between them. A total of six artists (one duo) have made new public works; Sofia Magdalena Eliasson, Johanna Lettmayer, Jenine Marsh, Lewis & Taggart, Jon Benjamin Tallerås and Lasse Årikstad. The exhibition takes place outdoors in public spaces, and will also reactualize and activate some of the permanents art in public space found in the same area. The three galleries will function as "information hubs", places of rest where the public can get information about the project, about art in public space and about Palmera, Entrée and Tag Team.